Producing "Dirty Laundry"

This film, by far, has been the most challenging and gratifying project I've yet to work on. The documentary follows cousin's Conor and Zack on a cross country bicycle tour as they search for answers about the disease that killed their grandmother. They discover a corporate cover up of the deadly mineral, asbestos and a trail of broken families just like theirs, struggling to deal with the implications of the widespread exposure of countless other families across the US.  

When I began working on this project the 1st of January 2017, Conor and Zack had already completed their tour and wrapped principle photography. It was my responsibility to help take the numerous hours of content and come up with a narrative. Starting with watching every second of footage they captured, we began storyboarding, editing, more storyboarding, editing until we had a direction to take the film.

I was brought on by Conor and Zack to help them find, understand and tell the narrative they wanted to in the film. Under Conor's direction, I helped write and refine the story in written and edited form. And when the final edit was made it was my responsibility to color the film and prepare it for DCP. 

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June 2017 - Production still of Zack from "Dirty Laundry" during the filming of 'The Cube' scene. 

January 2017 - Conor and Zack brainstorming ideas for the narrative of the film.


Conor had an idea to make their interviews a little more engaging than just a typical trip recap sit down interview. The idea was inspired by the desire to tell their grandmother all the things they learned about her in making this film that they wish they could have told her while she was still alive. It made me think of photographs I've seen at military grave sites where family members visit the burial site of their deceased. It was that image that drove our decision to film Conor and Zack's interviews in the style chosen. We called it, 'The Cube', where essentially, they had a Skype interview with their grandmother.


June 2017 - Conor and Bryan talk during a break from filming 'The Cube'. 

Post Production wrapped in January of 2018 and we began our festival run in March with "Dirty Laundry" having its World Premiere a the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. I helped guide Conor and Zack through the Festival run. Setting up press appoints, dealing with programers, networking and helping direct PR efforts during the run. Since then we've shown at 7 other festivals around the country with more to come this fall. 

2019 will be an exciting year as we expect to have distribution of our film to make "Dirty Laundry" available to everyone! Stay tuned. 

- Bryan

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